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Gevey SIM Unlock Blocked in iOS 5 Beta 2

The popular Gevey SIM Unlock solution for iPhone 4 has been blocked by Apple in iOS 5 beta 2. Gevey SIM works fine on iOS 5 beta 1, but MuscleNerd of the Dev-Team has confirmed that Apple has patched the exploit used by Gevey SIM to unlock iPhone 4.

MuscleNerd: it’s surprising Apple closed Gevey interposer hole in b2 rather than waiting until final (maybe they were under pressure)

For those unfamiliar, Gevey SIM Interposer is a hardware solution for iPhone 4 unlock, a SIM interposer sits between the SIM card and the Modem to perform a classical MITM. Gevey SIM interposer should always stay in-between SIM card and the iPhone modem in order to stay unlocked. For more details: Gevey SIM – How Gevey SIM Interposer Unlocks iPhone 4.

Now that the Gevey SIM and Gevey Ultra SIM unlocks have been blocked, the only way to unlock iPhone 4 is to stay on iOS 5 beta 1 (which is destined to expire within a few weeks) or downgrade to iOS 4.3.3/4.3.x and then you can use Gevey SIM Interposer to unlock it.

Note: Gevey SIM can unlock iPhone 4 on baseband 01.59.00, 02.10.04, 03.10.01, and 04.10.01.

We don’t know whether it was blocked intentionally or a byproduct another change in iOS 5. MuscleNerd speculates that the pressure from outside companies, presumably carriers, might be the reason for Apple to block Gevey during iOS 5 beta phase.

Gevey will surely try to fight back and release an updated Gevey as soon as iOS 5 final firmware hits masses. For those depending on Gevey SIM unlock are suggested to stay away from iOS 5 beta until Gevey confirms the compatibilty with iOS 5.

We’ll keep your posted as we know more about The Gevey SIM compatibility with iOS 5 firmware. You can follow us on TwitterGoogle BuzzFacebook, and Subscribed to RSS Feed to receive latest updates.


Unlock iOS 5 with Gevey SIM

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John Arnott August 1, 2011, 8:19 pm

Will this solution unlock iPhone 4 3.3.5? or must I downgrade to 3.3.3?

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