Verizon iPhone 4 Unlocked/Flashed to Work on CricKet Wireless

Verizon iPhone 4 Flashed to Work on CricKet Wireless

Just like any other iDevice, Verizon iPhone 4 has also been hacked. Folks over at CricKet, has managed to flash iPhone 4 on CricKet carrier and installed some third party MMS software after jailbreaking it. With this hack you can use a Verizon iPhone on Cricket Wireless in the United States.

Yes, it is real! JB and install second party mms software, fully flashed to cricket or metro! Just watch plugging into itunes, there are other programs that replace itunes as well! Cricket store in my area can do it, but they are charging 125 for full flash, ill? keep the evo for now!

According to Cricket’s official website, they will activate any flashed iPhone and CricKet will also tell you exactly where to go to get your iPhone flashed, just ask any of their employees.

Can I flash a phone to work on the Cricket network?

Yes, Cricket will activate any phone that’s been flashed to work on the Cricket network.

Cricket corporate stores currently do not flash phones to work on the Cricket network but many of the indirect dealer (both standard and premier) have the ability to flash a customer’s phone, and most corporate stores will be able to tell a customer where to go to have their phones flashed to Cricket. To find a list of store locations, click here.

If you choose to activate a non-Cricket phone on the Cricket network, there is a possibility that some of the phone features or service plan features may not operate. Additionally, flashed phones are not eligible for the Cricket Phone Replacement Program or Cricket Warranty Exchange Program. Not all phones are capable of being flashed to work on the Cricket network.

Some employees at China Telecom had also hacked CDMA iPhone 4 to work on their network. We will update you as we know more about hacking and flashing CDMA iPhone 4. [Engadget]

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