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iPad 2 Jailbreak Has been Achieved!

chpwn, a dev-team member  has just tweeted a photo of jailbroken iPad 2. Yes! you read it right. The all new iPad 2 Jailbreak has been achieved, thanks to Comex. In case you don’t know, Comex is well known for his expertise in userland jailbreaks.

This is what chpwn has just tweeted:

by @comex: yfrog.com/h2vharmj

Later Dev-Team tweeted this:

Dev-Team: Congrats to @comex for jailbreaking yet another brand new device (iPad2) while 2500 miles away from it!

Comex says he “would’ve had it yesterday if I didn’t have to spend 1.5 days looking for a replacement exploit (which came from a most unexpected place…)”

Congratz Comex and the iPhone Dev-Team! Thanks guys for your hard work.

We’ll update the post as more information about the iPad 2 jailbreak becomes available. I think it’s a userland jailbreak similar to Spirit. Stay Tuned!

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