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Apple Working on iPhone 64GB Model?

A report by MIC Gadget claims that iPhone 4 Prototypes with 64GB capacity are being sold in in grey markets of Hong Kong, China. The sellers claimed that these are engineered models and available in small quantity.

These iPhone 4 prototypes have XXGB marking which reminds us the lost iPhone 4 prototype bought by Gizmodo. “XX” marking generally represents Apple’s Prototype devices. When turned on, the screen clearly shows a iPhone 4 64GB model. It also shows a model number of 995-6049LL.

According to, this suspicious 64GB model has started selling in Sin Tak, the greatest grey market in Hong Kong, and the sellers claimed that these are engineered models and available in small quantity. Interestingly, the back of the phone states iPhone XXGB! That reminds us the leaked prototype last year, the one Gizmodo bought it. It also states the Model no. as XXXXX, and the FCC ID as BCG-XXXXXX. On the screen, you can see is indeed a 64GB capacity and the model is 995-6049LL. And the phone is not locked! Any ideas what’s going on here?

Is Apple really working on an iPhone 5 64GB model? Do you really want to see an iPhone with 64GB internal storage just like iPad and iPod Touch? Leave you views in the comments section below.

Apple will unveil iPhone 5 loaded with iOS 5 firmware in Summer this year.

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altecmayank March 8, 2011, 10:12 pm

I currently own the First Generation IPhone 8GB model. Hardly 2Gb space i currently use of it. I listen to music once in a week Max. As such, have no songs on phone. Just a few old friend videos and few games like angry bird, etc.

Now Iphone 64Gb :::: If thats what would be the USP for a Costly Iphone, I WOULD NEVER BUY IT. Waste of money.

goober1223 March 9, 2011, 4:59 am

As someone who wants the option to carry tons of personal pictures, videos, and music, I would love a 64GB iPhone. I currently have a 16GB 3Gs and I have to gimp it instead of having the option of viewing a lot more on the go.

Doba March 9, 2011, 5:23 am

I’d be interested. I recently just sold my 8gb 3G iPhone and 64gb iPod Touch and went to just a 32gb 3GS iPhone. While I do miss having the extra space for music and movies I love only carrying one device.

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