iPad 2 Wallpapers - Stunning Wallpapers for iPad 2

20 Stunning iPad 2 Wallpapers

If you’ve bought the new iPad 2 or planning to get one soon, you might also be interested in iPad 2 wallpapers. We have complied a list of 20 iPad 2 wallpapers for you. Hit the jump to checkout all the iPad 2 wallpapers…
iPad 2 Wallpapers
You can download these iPad 2 wallpapers by hitting the wallpaper. We have also zipped all these wallpapers and have provided a download link at the bottom of this post.
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iPad 2 Wallpapers

iPad Wooden Wallpaper

Wallpaper for the new iPad 2 and iPad 1:

ipad 2 wallpapers (1)

Violet Stripes

Violet Stripes wallpaper for your iPad 2:

ipad 2 wallpapers (2)

The X

Mac OS X styled iPad 2 wallpaper:

ipad 2 wallpapers (3)


Available for both the iPad and iPhone.

ipad 2 wallpapers (4)


Well, the iPad 2 is here, and a new and revolutionary device from Apple can’t come out with his proper Skull Wallpaper, huh?

ipad 2 wallpapers (5)

Sea and Stone

Sea and stone display for your iPad 2.

ipad 2 wallpapers (6)

Rainbow Bright

An iPad 2 wallpaper with rainbow effect.

ipad 2 wallpapers (7)

iPad Mustache-I

Mustache iPad wallpaper (1024×1024). The license allows you to use this wallpaper in your commercial and personal projects.

ipad 2 wallpapers (8)


This iPad 2 wallpaper is also available for iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G.

ipad 2 wallpapers (9)

Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly, a bright wallpaper for iPad 2.

ipad 2 wallpapers (10)


ipad 2 wallpapers (11)

Wallpaper 4 – Just Chillin

ipad 2 wallpapers (12)

HD Leaf

ipad 2 wallpapers (13)

HD Dream for iPad 2

ipad 2 wallpapers (14)

Funkeey Lines – iPad 2 Wallpapers

ipad 2 wallpapers (15)


ipad 2 wallpapers (16)

Circle II iPad Wallpaper

ipad 2 wallpapers (17)

Circle I iPad Wallpaper

ipad 2 wallpapers (18)

Circle II iPad  2 Wallpaper

ipad 2 wallpapers (19)

Bamboo for iPad 2

ipad 2 wallpapers (20)

Ambia Wallpaper

ipad 2 wallpapers (21)

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Beautiful Wallpapers.Hats off to the creator and thanks for sharing

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Stunning iPad 2 Wallpapers
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