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mSpot Music – Listen to Your iTunes Music in The Cloud

mSpot Music app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch puts your iTunes music library in the cloud and lets you stream it from there. Apple is rumored to release an official iTunes cloud solution to stream music anywhere at anytime. While iTunes is still not in the cloud officially, mSpot Music comes as an unofficial cloud iTunes solution.

How to

  1. Go to and put your iTunes collection from your PC/Mac into your own personal music locker on the Internet. Once you’ve uploaded your music “into the Cloud” – you can access it anytime, anywhere from your iPhone or any PC/Mac.
  2. Download the mSpot Music app for your iPhone.

All your online music will magically be there already! Throw away your USB cord and say goodbye to manual syncing – mSpot does it all auto-magically for you.


No work. No Cables. Stream your music, without using phone storage. Get song lyrics on your phone – along with all your playlists and cover art from iTunes.

Download mSpot Music

You can download mSpot Music from the App Store for free. [iTunes Link]

mSpot can store 2GB of your music in the cloud for free. For those with larger music collections, mSpot offers a paid plan of 40GB for $3.99 a month.

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