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Flash Coming to iPhone With Skyfire Browser

Apple has approved the Skyfire Browser for iOS which is hitting App Store on Thursday, November 4. Skyfire comes with Flash-to-HTML5 support and allows users to watch flash video on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by converting it to HTML5.

When you tap on a flash video, Skyfire uses their own servers to download the Flash video and convert it to HTML5 which is supported by iOS. However, Skyfire browser still won’t be able to play Flash-based games, or the popular TV streaming service Hulu.

“one major website that Skyfire won’t have an effect on is Hulu, which blocked the app from downloading its videos. Hulu, which hosts TV shows and movies from the major networks and studios, is free for PC users in the United States. But mobile users have to pay $10 a month for a subscription to Hulu Plus. ”

Skyfire app for iOS will be available for download on Thursday morning for $2.99. via [MCNN] [BGR]

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Update 1: Skyfire for iPhone is now available in the App Store

Update 2: Skyfire for iPad Hits the App Store

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