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iPhone 4 Hardware Revision to Fix the Antennagate Coming by End of September?

Marco Quatorze, the director of Value Added Services of Telcel in Mexico, claims that Apple will push an iPhone 4 hardware revision (a redesigned antenna), by End of September, to fix the highly publicized Antenna issue.

The iPhone 4’s Antennagate controversy pushed Apple to hold a press conference where they blamed their signal bars calculation formula and also announced free cases for all iPhone 4 owners. Apple has already fixed the signal bars calculation formula in iOS 4.0.1 update and the free cases program is also expiring by end of September.

MacRumors reports that

According to Marco Quatorze, Telcel’s Director of Value Added Services, the iPhone 4 sold in Mexico will initially be the same hardware as that sold in the U.S. and elsewhere, with Apple offering a free case to address potential issues with antenna performance. But he also noted that as of September 30th, when the free case program expires, revised hardware without the reception issues will become available.

Before the case giveaway was announced, various reports indicated that Apple was working on a hardware fix for the issue. It’s unclear whether there is any truth to this statement or whether the Telcel’s director is simply assuming the hardware revision since Apple put September 30th expiry on its free iPhone 4 cases program.

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