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Print from iPad and iPhone with ActivePrint

ActivePrint 7.5 let you easily print from your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Using ActivePrint 7.5, you can print photos, web pages, notes, and more from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to almost any printer in the world.

activeprintTo print documents from iPad or iPhone, your documents must be stored in your account. Supported documents formats include: word processor documents (.doc, .docx, and others), spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx, and others), presentations (.ppt, pptx, and others), and PDF Files. So, simply put your documents to your account and then easily print from iPad or iPhone using ActivePrint.

***Support for more cloud services, such as Google Docs, will be added in the near future.

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ActivePrint 7 Features:

  • Print documents from you cloud account
  • Print photos from your photo album or your device’s camera
  • Print the contents of your device’s clipboard, letting you easily print content from other apps!
  • Print contacts from the address book and web pages
  • Print plain text from a built in notepad screen
  • Support for multiple copies, portrait/landscape printing, different quality of printing, and color or black & white printing
  • Print via any internet connection (WiFi or EDGE/3G network)
  • Support for practically any printer available in the market
  • Password lock for the built in internet browser for parental control

With ActivePrint 7 on your iPad, iPhone all you need is a network or internet connection, something to print, and the free ActivePrint System application (available for free) which will run on any Windows PC. [iTunes Link]

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Update 1: Download iPad iOS 3.2.1

Update 2: Save SHSH blobs for iPad iOS 3.2.1

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