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Apple Sold 1.5 Million iPhone 4 on Day 1?

There’s no official words from Apple on how many units of iPhone 4 they Sold on the launch day. Oppenheimer’s Yair Reiner has done some iPhone 4 math and as per his calculations Apple sold 1.5 Million iPhone 4 units on the launch day.

iphone 4 sales
According to Reiner’s estimate, 100,000 additional, non-reserved units were sold at Apple stores and that 50,000 were sold at Best Buy. 600,000 units have been pre-ordered. He multiplied the final number by two to include international sales.

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster thinks that Apple will sell 1-1.5 Million iPhone 4 units in first 3 days, including Pre-Orders.

Please note that these are every rough estimates and are base on Munster and Reiner’s own surveys. So, it’s probably good idea to wait for the official sales numbers from Apple before jumping to conclusion. via [Mashable]

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Update 2: Unlock iPhone 4 in works.

Update 3: GeoHot Jailbreak iPhone 4.

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