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iPhone OS 4.0 Features: iPod Widget and Orientation Lock

9to5mac reports a big new feature added to the multi-tasking interface of iPhone OS 4.0. When you flick to the left of the fast app switching interface, a few new buttons and icons appear.

iphone os 4.0 featuresAn icon for Orientation Lock, iPod Music controls and iPod app icon. To lock in portrait, simply tap the orientation lock icon and tap again to unlock. It’s just like in the iPad but controlled via this menu. And everyone know what’s the purpose of iPod Controls.

May be this is the beginning of mini-widgets coming to iPhone OS 4. More on iPhone OS 4.0 is coming so stay tuned!

orientation lock ipod widget

via [9to5mac]

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sowat99 May 9, 2010, 3:37 pm

is it true in OS 4.0, we can change the wallpaper behind the app icons?

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