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iPhone 4G Screen Resolution Confirmed at 960×640

SuperPhone.cz reports that the iPhone 4G display resolution has been confirmed to be 960×640. The parts of next-gen iPhone has been floating around for a while now and the site has claimed to get their hand onto the iPhone 4G screen and did its microscopic analysis.

iPhone 4GThe site put the next generation iPhone screen under a microscope to determine its pixel density and display technology and reports that the iPhone 4G will have 960×640 resolution and will use an IPS panel like the iPad. With microscopic analysis, they were able to count the RGB elements of the screen which are exactly twice the density in both horizontal and vertical directions compared to the current iPhone. iPhone 4G microscopic screen:

iphone 4g display

According to Engadget, this would quadruple the total number of pixels when compared to the iPhone 3GS and increase the pixel density to a whopping 320dpi, the highest pixel density seen on a phone yet. Here’s the iPhone 3GS screen resolution:

iphone 3gs resolution

The first rumor about the 960×640 resolution for iPhone was reported back in March with other leaked Specs of the next gen iPhone.

via Engadget

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