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iPhone 4G Prototype Running iPhone OS 4?

Yesterday, we reported on the second iPhone 4G prototype found, reviewed, and dissected by a Vietnamese forum. At that time the prototype was running a debug OS. Today the same taoviet forum has come up with another photo of iPhone 4G running iPhone OS 4.0 with that steamy wallpaper that came with OS 4.0.

According to Engadget, one of their sources has confirmed the prototype in hands of Vietnamese guys is an older prototype than the one Gizmodo had found because it has the markings “N90 PRO2” which indicates N90 (the Apple codename for the iPhone 4G) which refers to “Working Prototype 2”.

There’s no word on how they managed to get rid of Apple’s lockdown of the device. There’s always a chance of faking it with Photoshop plus this photo is blurry as compared to the photos published yesterday.

via [Engadget][taoviet]

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