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iPhone 4G / HD to Record 720p (1280×720) HD Video?

The most recent discovery in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 suggests that iPhone 4G / HD will be able to record 720p (1280×720) HD Videos. Following two video presets are found in iPhone OS beta which revealed HD video capturing:


The second value shows a high resolution video capturing ability in iPhone 4G / HD and would fit nicely with the next iPhone rumored name “iPhone HD“. The current standard is 640×480 (“VGA”) resolution.

The iPhone HD / 4G is already rumored to feature 5 megapixel camera and there’s no info on the video capabilities of the hardware. via [MacRumors]

The next gen iPhone is most likely to be unveiled at WWDC 2010 which takes place between June 7-11th in San Francisco, CA, loaded with iPhone OS 4.0. iPhone is also rumored to feature video chat, LED camera flash, faster processor, WiFi-N standard, Super AMOLED screen.

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