Install Android on iPhone 3G, 2G with iPhodroid (Automated Installation)

Install Android on iPhone 3G and 2G with iPhodroid (Automated Process)

Planetbeing has released Android for both iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G but the process of installing android on iPhone 3G, 2G is pretty lengthy and complicated and not accessible to everyone. If you think you can get through all the steps then you can do it manually but there’s also an easy way to install Android on iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G.

iphodroidiPhodroid is a little tool for Mac only that installs android on iPhone 3G, 2G in an easy automated way. iPhodroid automatically transfer all android OS files to your iPhone and no installation is processed keeping your device on safe. You don’t need a Linux machine or a Linux virtual machine when using iPhodroid.

IMPORTANT: Android on iPhone does almost everything you expect from a smartphone but yet this Android port is not perfect for day-to-day use. Like there’s no power management system implemented so a fully charged battery drains in just an hour. This android port also lacks media syncing feature. Little performance issues and a fews bugs makes it slower on iPhone. But never think of these bugs resulting in bricking your device in anyway. You always have got the restore option.

Ok! if you’re still interested and want to give Android a shot on your iPhone, continue reading..

Let’s install android on iPhone 3G or iPhone 2G.

How to install Android on iPhone 3G, 2G



  • Disable the auto-lock on your iPhone. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Auto-lock and select ‘Never’.
  • Download Macfuse and install it
  • Download iPhodroid and extract it.
  • Open the iPhodroid and hit run button.

The process will take about 5 minutes to complete. Have fun with android on iPhone with dual boot. via [FSM]

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