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How to Recover Deleted Photos After Jailbreaking with Spirit [Windows]

First release of spirit jailbreak came with a couple of bugs including deletion of Photos in camera roll. But Comex has fixed those bugs by release an updated Spirit jailbreak for all iDevices. But if you’re one of those unlucky iDevice users who lost their camera roll photos while jailbreaking with Spirit, there’s a way to recover deleted photos but it’s possible only if you had back up your iDevice before jailbreaking it with Spirit Jailbreak.

recover deleted photosIn order to recover deleted photos, follow the step by step guide below:

How to Recover Deleted Photo After Running Spirit Jailbreak


Download iPhone Backup extractor: 32Bit | 64Bit

Install the iPhone Backup Extractor. Then run it


Now select the last backup created before the jailbreak with Spirit and click the Next button

iphone backup extractor


After the analysis you can choose to retrieve files automatically or manually. Select manually and hit next.

iphone backup extractor


Expand the Media folder and select the Media folder (there’s a Media folder within Media folder) as shown below. Click the Next button.

iphone backup extractor


Now save save your backup to your Desktop or anywhere you want and click Next. Restoring multiple files from the backup may result in freezing iPhone Backup Extractor. Don’t worry, just wait and see.


Now SSH into iPhone with WinSCP, navigate to /User/Media/ and drag-and-drop the DCIM folder you backed up into your iPhone and overwrite the existing files.

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