Install Android on iPhone 2G

How to Install Android OS on iPhone 2G

You would know by now that Planetbeing has successfully ported Android on iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G. Although he released the instructions on how to install android OS on iPhone along with the android for iPhone source but those instruction are not for newbies.

android iphone 2gThere are detailed instructions on installing android on iPhone 2G available for noobs as well, thanks to Android A Lot and there’s a video performing all those steps posted below. Android on iPhone installation involves quite a few steps. If you think you’re up to the task go ahead and follow the step by step instruction to install android on iPhone 2G.

Disclaimer: Follow this guide on your own risk. We cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong. These instructions are for testing and educational purposes only.

How to Install Android on iPhone 2G

NOTE: These instructions are for iPhone 2G only to install android on iPhone. In order to install Android OS, your iPhone 2G must be jailbroken. You can jailbreak iPhone 2G with RedSn0w, Blackra1n or Spirit jailbreak. jailbreak guides are linked below:

Once you’ve jailbroken your iPhone 2G, get ready for the installation process involving 5 stages:

Download the Required Stuff

Here’s a bunch of stuff that you’ll need before you start:

  1. IMPORTANT! Jailbroken iPhone 2G
  2. VirtualBox (link).  Get the right version Windows/Mac
  3. VirtualBox Ubuntu Image (link).  Download number 10, Ubuntu Linux 9.10 codename Karmic Koala x86
  4. iPhone Explorer (link).  If you’re on Linux you can use FTP such as FileZilla instead.
  5. Android images and sources (link)
  6. Patched images (link).  Courtesy of Geekoid.


Let’s get some of the basics out of the way:

  1. Open Task Manager
  2. Kill the iTunes Helper process
  3. Install iPhone Explorer
  4. Connect your iPhone to your Mac/PC
  5. Run iPhone Explorer
  6. Click the Change Root button
  7. Select “/” Real iPhone Root Directory
  8. Browse to private/var
  9. Copy ramdisk.img, userdata.img, cache.img and zImage from Downloads#5 (Android images and sources) to that var directory
  10. Copy system.img and android.img.gz from Downloads#6 (patched images) to the that var directory
  11. That’s all the Android files on your iPhone, now to make them run!

For rest of the steps, watch the video below and also read the step-by-step instructions here.

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