Fix Spirit Jailbreak and Blackra1n Issues with iFixer

Fix Spirit Jailbreak and Blackra1n Various Problems with iFixer

iFixer is a new utility released by Kirma to fix various problems that jailbreakers face with Blackra1n and Spirit jailbreak. iFixer utility essentially fixes the iTunes version error with Spirit jailbreak and Blackra1n ASL.dll when you have iTunes 9.1.1 installed.

How iFixer works?

Put the Blackra1n or Spirit jailbreak and iFixer in the same folder. Run the iFixer as an Administrator. The iFixer interface comprises two buttons, one for Spirit jailbreak Fix and the other for Blackra1n jailbreak fix. Hit the button labeled with the Jailbreak tool you’re going to use. that’s it.

Download iFixer: [Mirror 1]

via [iSpazio]

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Update 1: Download iPad iOS 3.2.1

Update 2: Save SHSH blobs for iPad

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