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Apple Lost Another iPhone 4G Prototype – New Photos, Teardown, Video

Apple’s Next-Gen iPhone 4G is being considered the biggest leak in the history of Apple when Gizmodo got their hands on to an iPhone 4G prototype last month and reviewed it. It seems like the company well known for its secrecy for upcoming products has lost control over iPhone 4G prototypes and losing it right and left; this time next-gen iPhone has made its appearance on a Vietnamese site with Photos, Video and the worst for Apple the teardown.

The Vietnamese site has posted a large gallary of iPhone 4G / HD photos along with video and teardown. The information posted there has something new to tell about this new prototype found. The individual who submitted the link to MacRumors stated that a Vietnamese businessman had bought it in the U.S. together with an iPad.

There are a few differences between the Gizmodo’s iPhone 4G and this one.

  • The latest leaked iPhone HD / 4G prototype has been turned ON, sporting an image of an explosion and the sign “Inferno” on the screen.
    iphone 4g hd prototype
  • This prototype has no screws at the bottom which means it’s a newer prototype.
    iphone 4g hd prototype
  • The back of this prototype shows that this is a 16GB model. The previous leak showed “XXGB” written on the back.
    iphone 4g hd prototype
  • Teardown reveals an Apple branded A4 microprocessor similar to the one found in the iPad.
    iphone 4g hd prototype
    iphone 4g hd prototype

Here’s the iPhone 4G prototype video shot by the Vietnamese guy:

It seems like, it’s a more polished version of the iPhone 4G prototype as compared to the one reviewed by Gizmodo. As always, there’s a slight possibility that the device is a fake but looking at the photos, video and the teardown, it’s 99.99% the next iPhone. [via MacRumors, Engadget]

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