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iBluever: Use GPRS/EDGE/3G Internet on iPod Touch via Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking

When it comes to web browsing on a mobile device, iPhone and iPod Touch provides a  pretty addictive experience. With a data plan, you can access internet wherever you’re on your iPhone but iPod Touch lacks this ability. You need to search for a Wi-Fi network to browse the web on your iPod Touch. How about connecting your iPod Touch to your mobile phone via bluetooth and access the GPRS/EDGE/3G networks?

iblueverThere’s another option of using a mobile phone as Wi-Fi hotspot to use the internet on iPod Touch via WiFi connectivity but problem is that it drains your phone battery very fast.

Here comes a bluetooth connectivity option which is energy efficient and doesn’t require to run a damon on your phone. Most of bluetooth enabled mobile phones support Bluetooth Dial-up Networking (a.k.a. DUN) which lets you use the GPRS/EDGE/3G networks of your phone on your computer. The same concept gave birth to iBluever, an upcoming app for iPod Touch that lets you use your phone’s internet on your iPod Touch via Bluetooth connectivity.

The developer has submitted the demo version of iBluever to Cydia and once it’s live, all you will have to do is to install the iBluever app on iPod Touch, then connect iPod Touch to your mobile phone (with a data plan) via Bluetooth and enjoy the GPRS/EDGE/3G networks on your iPod Touch. Yes, you must be jailbroken in order to install this app from Cydia. Follow the guides linked below to jailbreak your iPod Touch. Also checkout the video demo below.

iBluever Demo Videos:

via [iThinkDiff][iBluever]

iPhone OS 3.1.3

iPhone OS 3.1.2

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