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Universal Mailbox Coming to iPhone via iPhone OS 4.0?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has responded to yet another email asking him about whether the iPhone’s Mail functionality will gain a “universal mailbox” as found in Mail on Mac OS X.

Anyway, I just have one question for you: will iPhone ever have a universal mailbox just like Mail has on my Mac? It would be so much easier and efficient.

Jobs responded with a “Yes” Sent from the iPad.

Currently iPhone users are required to check messages of each email account by navigating between accounts. With the universal mailbox, all emails from all email accounts are displayed in a single inbox.

Job’s response suggests that the updated Mail.app is coming to iPhone, iPod Touch via iPhone OS 4.0 or may be to iPad via iPhone OS 3.2. But there’s no clear statement on when it’s coming. Before this Jobs responded to other iPad related questions, check them out:

iPad is hitting Shelves on April 3rd and can be pre-ordered now. New iPhone 4G is most likely to hit the market in June or July loaded with major iPhone firmware 4.0 update.

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via [MacRumors]

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