Springboard Rotator: Rotate iPhone iPod Touch Springboard icons

Springboard Rotator: Rotates Springboard icons [Video]

Here comes another jailbroken iPhone tweak called Springboard Rotator. The Springboard Rotator enables your iPhone/iPod touch icons to rotate around. You can see the SpringBoard with icons in LandScape and Portrait view, depending on the orientation of your device!

springboard rotator

This add-on enables SpringBoard to rotate according to the device’s orientation! It does not rotate only the icons, it rotates the whole user interface!
Switches Landscape-portrait view , rotates SpringBoard in all 4 orientations according to where iPhone is tilted to, like many applications do.
It requires a 3GS for now.
It will soon be ready to be released.

The developer has not yet decided the name of this tweak. He has come up with the following names and is open to suggestions: Springboard Rotator, DizzyBoard, or SpringBoard 360, or LandScape SpringBoard. The tweak is not out yet but the developer has shared a demo video which is posted below.

Springboard Rotator will soon hit the Cydia Store for jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch.

via [iPhoneHellas]

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