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Apple announced the iPad release date yesterday and it’s set to be April 3rd. On the iPad introduction day, Apple also announced that iPad will support all the iPhone and iPod Touch apps OTB. iPad will be powered with 1GHz processor, 9.7 inches capacitive multitouch display and storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Checkout the complete iPad Specs.

iPhone lacks a lot of most demanded features to date but jailbreak community offers iPhone users what Apple don’t. Once the user jailbreak iPhone using RedSn0w, PwnageTool, Sn0wBreeze or BlackRa1n, he can enjoys multitasking with ProSwitcher, iPhone customization with Winterboard, Google Voice, Stacks, Bluetooth transfers with iBlueNova and iBluetooth and much more. These are some of the features that Apple has not yet offered to the iPhone users.

Unfortunately, Apple has done the same thing to the iPad. iPad lacks Multitasking, Flash support, SMS/Calling features. Now the big question in all jailbreakers mind would be whether it is possible to jailbreak iPad or not? iPad used for demo was running iPhone OS 3.2 which is available for iPad only, not iPhone or iPod Touch. Since the iPad firmware is similar to that of iPhone, We hope that many iPhone hackers will attempt to jailbreak iPad as soon as it’s released. We also hope that many new hackers will surface the scene with the release of iPad.

Jailbreaking iPad depends on how hard Apple patches exploits used to jailbreak. Apple keeps on changing hardware and securing software to make it harder and harder for hackers to jailbreak firmware. It was apparent when Apple patched the 24kpwn exploit in newer iPhone 3GS and iPod touch model. With the new exploit found after 24kpwn exploit death, users were required to jailbreak their iDevices on each reboot, it’s called tethered jailbreak.

So, is it possible for Apple to completely block the iPad jailbreak? iPhone Dev-Team call it a Cat&Mouse play.. Apple patches an exploit and the hackers has always been able to find and use another exploit to jailbreak iPhone. At the very least we should be able to get a iPad tethered jailbreak.

Lets hope the Dev-Team, or GeoHot or someone new to the scene find an exploit and can get us an iPad jailbreak. We can only be sure of this once the iPad is out.

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Spirit Jailbreak is available now and it supports all iDevices including iPad. Follow the guides linked below to jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches:

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