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iPad to Make Emergency Calls like iPhone?

It seems as if Apple’s latest creation “iPad” has the ability to make emergency calls (regular calls?) just like iPhone. 9to5mac has posted a screenshot of iPad SDK emulator which shows an emergency call screen just like we have on iPhone.

To get to the emergency call screen on iPad SDK, the developer simply enabled the passcode lock and entered in the wrong password five times. Then simply slide to make an emergency call on iPad.

Why to include emergency calls in iPad? May be it’s because of FCC regulations that all wireless “phones” be able to make emergency calls, even if the phones aren’t currently active or even assigned a number and iPad has a 3G enabled model. It’s also possible that iPad has the ability to make regular calls just like iPhone with a little hackery but we seriously doubt that Apple would make iPad a competitor of its another product the iPhone. Hopefully Apple will let Vonage, Skype and other VoIP applications on the iPad, however.

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ipad emergency call

via [9to5mac]

Update 1: iPad Launching April 3rd and Pre-orders begin March 12th

Update 2: Dev-Team has succeeded in sending SMS Messages from iPad 3G after jailbreaking it.. Check it out: Sending SMS Text Messages from iPad 3G (Jailbroken) [Video]

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