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Instapaper Pro for iPad [Preview]

Developer Marco Arment yesterday announced that the popular Instapaper service will be coming to the iPad, hopefully in time for the device’s launch on April 3rd. Now the developer has published a preview of what Instapaper will look like on iPad.

Instapaper is a popular service for saving Web content, articles/blog posts for later reading. The service, which is currently available for iPhone/iPod Touch, downloads and saves text-only versions of Web content into user’s free account for later reading on a various of devices.

I’m probably supposed to keep this secret and build everyone’s anticipation to hype this up. Oh well. Maybe I’ll do that for the Instapaper edition for Apple’s next revolutionary computing platform.

So, the Instapaper is definitely coming to iPad and it’s coming very soon. May be from day one. Instapaper Pro will be a universal iPhone/iPad application which means that you only have to buy Instapaper Pro once and you will get the pro version for iPad for free. No additional charges.

Instapaper for iPad looks like a bigger, tweaked and redesigned Instapaper Pro.

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via [macrumors]

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