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Initial Sales: iPhone 2G vs Droid vs Nexus One

Flurry, a mobile analytics firm, has posted some interested estimates of units sales for Motorola Droid, Google’s Nexus one and iPhone 2G over their first 74 days of availability.

Data collected and presented by Flurry shows that despite of the fact that Google’s Nexus One is the most advanced Android handset to date and got substantial buzz leading up to its release, Google could sell approximately 135,000 units of the Nexus One since its launch in January.

On the other hand, Motorola Droid enjoyed significant initial sales of approximately 1.05 million units sold in the first 74 days of its launch. iPhone 2G could achieve a sales figure of approximately 1 million, slightly below the droid sales in the first 74 days. The original iPhone and the Motorola Droid of course launched under very different circumstances. Flurry has mentioned several of these circumstances, including the growth of the smartphone market in the 2.5 years between the two devices’ launch, Droid launched during holidays resulting in higher sales momentum and nearly-40% larger subscriber base for the Droid via Verizon as compared to AT&T offered at the original iPhone’s launch.

In addition, Apple created a big hurdle in iPhone initial sales by offering it at an unsubsidized $499/$599 price. Then just a week before Apple reached its one million milestone for the iPhone, with intentions to boost iPhone sales, it discontinued the original 4 GB model and dropped the price by $200 for the 8 GB model to $399.

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via [MacRumors]

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