JuicePhone: Extract Data From iPhone Backups

Extract Data From iPhone Backups with JuicePhone

JuicePhone is a free Mac application that is capable of extracting data from iPhone backups saved via iTunes so you can browse through your iPhone’s data on your computer.

Using JuicePhone, you can save notes, text messages, downloaded songs from Tap Tap Revenge and other application-specific files – virtually all of your personal data from your iPhone backup.

juicephoneJuicePhone Features

  • Extract your iPhone / iPod touch backups and browse through your device’s files.
  • Copy data from any specific application installed on your device.
  • Find out information about your backed up devices, including their serial number and identifier.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive User Interface.
  • 64-bit capable and optimized for multiple processor cores.
  • JuicePhone is totally free of charge!

Download JuicePhone from here for FREE!

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