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Amazing Typing Speed of 83WPM on iPhone [Video]

An iPhone typist types at an amazing rate of 83 WPM (Words per minute) on the iPhone. In this test, he used an app named iTextSpeed to count test his typing speed.

With such insane speed on iPhone, this guy got to be one of the fastest iPhone typists in the world. He has submitted his achievement to the Guinness Book of World Records. Video after the jump…


Currently, I have the crown in being the fastest typist on a mobile phone device @ 81 wpm (words per minute). The device used was an iPhone 3GS.
Furthermore, to verify this I used an application known as iTextSpeed. I just got it a few days ago, and beware: it’s extremely addictive.

UPDATE: My latest record is now 83 WPM. I’m aiming for 90… and if I get that, then I don’t know whats impossible!

Checkout the video:

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