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Universal IR Remote Control Accessory for iPhone

NewKinetix is going to release the Re, an accessory and an app for iPhone or iPod Touch that will enable your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote control of most remote-ready electronic entertainment devices that use IR.

There is no need for Wifi, so plug your Re into your iPhone/iPod Touch and personalize control of your AV entertainment everywhere.

This is how Universal IR Remote Control Accessory for iPhone works:





Press Release:
The company is announcing the release of their first-to-market and first-of its-kind Universal Remote Control, Re?, at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The Re? Universal Remote iPhone application works with the Re? infrared hardware accessory that plugs into your iPhone or iPod touch mobile digital device. As users are turning to their iPhone for information and entertainment, an IR universal remote accessory for the iPhone has been highly requested throughout social media platforms, as in mobilecrunch.com’s “5 iPhone Accessories We’re Still Waiting For.

As a plug-in accessory, the Re? Universal Remote requires no cables, batteries, charging, or network connections to provide complete control of your TV, stereo, DVD player, or most any remote controlled device. Its portability allows you to use it anywhere you go, and it is set up and ready for use with any IR ready AV entertainment device within minutes.

Not only does it eliminate remote control clutter by consolidating all of your remotes into a single unit at your fingertips, but the smart design and functionality of the application software offers extensive personalization capabilities.

The user can organize and personalize device remotes and entertainment activities by adding buttons, learning functions, building macros, and changing the button images and layout on the touch screen. In a typical entertainment area, the Re?TM “Watch TV” Activity can be programmed to have one macro button sequentially power on the TV, receiver, and cable box and then select the right audio and video inputs and outputs. Any activity function requiring multiple button press sequences or multiple controllers can be simplified to a single button.

With the Re?, you can also create “Favorites” lists that span multiple sources, so quick access can be personalized for TV channels, CD tracks, movie scenes etc.

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