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Top 20 Apps of 2009 for iPhone Listed by Macworld

MacWorld has listed their top 20 apps of the year 2009 for the iPhone and iPod touch. MacWorld focused on 20 categories and selected the best performer in each category.

Before this, Apple itself listed best apps of 2009 available in the iTunes out of over 100,000 apps.

Macworld’s Top 20 Apps of 2009 for iPhone

top-20-iphone-appsBest Messaging App: BeeJive IM
Best Photo App: Best Camera
Best Notification App: Boxcar
Best News App: CNN Mobile
Best Book App: Eucalyptus
Best Social Networking App: Facebook 3
Best Casual Game: Flight Control
Best Search Tool: Google Mobile App
Best Reference App: iBird Explorer Plus
Best Reader: Instapaper Pro 2
Best Multimedia App: At Bat 2009
Best Education App: Pocket Universe
Best E-Mail App: Postage
Best Designed Game: Ramp Champ
Best Sports Game: Real Soccer 2010
Best Shopping Tool: RedLaser
Best Platform Game: Rolando 2
Best Strategy Game: Strategery
Best Twitter Client: Tweetie 2

Macworld has also written short review of each app. Follow the link below:

via [Macworld]

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