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ShoutOUT TXT: SMS Dictation App for iPhone

Promptu Systems has released ShoutOUT TXT, an iPhone application that lets you dictate messages to your iPhone and send them as a regular SMS text message. Using the application user can create an account and begin texting his contacts and to any textable phone number.

All the typed messages using the app are free and unlimited. However, First 25 voice-generated text messages are free but then costs $4.99 for 250 messages, or $1.99 for 50. After 25 messages, Voice-generated text messages can be purchased via in-app purchases.

AT&T charge $15 for 1500 text messages but in ShoutOUT TXT, 1500 voice generated messages costs $30 but manually types messages are free and unlimited because company uses its own server.

ShoutOUT TXT currently supports North American English and works on:

  • AT&T (States)
  • Bell Mobility, Rogers, and Virgin Mobile (Canada)

You can purchase ShoutOUT TXT  from the AppStore for $0.99. [iTunes Link]

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