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Shazam Releases Paid App: Shazam Encore

Shazam has released its new Shazam Encore, the paid app for iPhone, on the App Store. Shazam originally is a free app available in the app store with over 10 million downloads.

The paid iPhone App Shazam Encore comes with following additional features as compared to Shazam free App:

  • Improved speed performance: making it even quicker for users to tag tracks and learn more about their music.
  • Music recommendations: users can discover other music similar to the track that’s been tagged to enhance their music collection and knowledge.
  • Find what’s hot and popular: Shazam music charts generated by millions of other Shazamers can be accessed to help users keep up to date with the new tracks and players in the music scene.
  • Search music: easily find music by artist, album or track from over 8 million songs.
  • Drive and Tag: Shazam automatically enters into car mode when the iPhone is placed in an in-car dock to make it simple to discover what’s playing on the radio even when driving.

You can get all the above features in Shazam Encore for $4.99 from the App Store.

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