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CNet UK: iPhone is the Worst Phone in the World

CNet UK has concluded an article saying that iPhone is the Worst Phone in the World.

That’s right, we said it — and we’re not taking it back. The iPhone may be the greatest handheld surfing device ever to rock the mobile Web, and a fabulous media player to boot. It may be the highest-rated mobile phone on CNET UK, rocking the pockets of half of our crack editorial team. It’s certainly the touchscreen face that launched a thousand apps. But as an actual call-making phone, it’s rubbish, and we aim to prove it.

The writer admits that iPhone is the best handheld computer, but then he proves iPhone the worst phone in the world by describing call quality, call dropping, Data Gaps, call receiving problems, heating up issue and poor battery life.

The writer also point outs a report from Ny Teknik that claims that the most likely cause of the 3G problems is defective adjustments between the antenna and an amplifier that captures very weak signals from it. This could lead to poor 3G connectivity and slower data speeds.

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