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What if iPhone had… Dashboard Widgets

Yet another concept for iPhone from the house of Ocean Observations: Dashboard Widgets. This time they made a conceptual video showing how widgets could work on the iPhone. (Watch the video at the bottom.)

Press release:
In this concept Ocean Observations look at how widgets could make its way to the iPhone. Today, you bounce in and out of applications. Ocean wanted to explore if a widget layer in the form of Dashboard perhaps could speed up the workflow, at least for simple tasks.
Ocean Observations has in a series of concept movies explored some possible improvements in the GUI of a product that engage many people, the iPhone. – We thought that it would be fun share our ideas and hear what others think, says Max Rudberg, Graphic Designer at Ocean Observations. But one must remember that Apple is a company that don’t leave design issues to chance and there is probably good reason why the iPhone looks and works the way it does.

Ideas like Cover Flow for Multi-Tasking and Springboard Expose are also came out from the house of Ocean Observations.

One of the iPhone developers has already made Expose for iPhone concept a reality by creating Orbit for iPhone.

Dashboard Widgets Video:

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