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OWLE Bubo iPhone Camera Mount is Now Available

The OWLE Bubo camera mount for the iPhone is now available. The iPhone mount not only stabilizes iPhone but also adds accessories like LED lights, a repositioned microphone, and macro combo lens.

The best part of this iPhone mount is that it can be held just like a standard camera.

The simplest and yet most effective feature of the OWLE is that it’s built for to be held just like a standard camera. Taking photo’s and video is as much about the device as it is the subject. The OWLE give you the feeling that you can shoot any scene or cover any story with confidence.

The OWLE Bubo is available at a special price of $99.95. It includes:

  • Vericorder microphone
  • an aluminum .45x wide-angle/macro combo lens
  • rubber iPhone case.

The company also plans to introduce a more entry level plastic version of the product in the future.

iphone mount (1)

iphone mount (2)


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Faz October 28, 2009, 12:55 pm

I’s rather buy a proper camera then buy an extra attachement to go on my iPhone!!

Jimbo October 29, 2009, 7:20 am

Well after all the bad press at http://www.mopedarmy.wordpress.com at least I found 1 for half price at http://www.owlebubo.com ordering 1 now before they’re out!

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