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Introducing a New Look for

You have probably noticed some big changes at our blog, The blog has undergone a major redesign. With the help of a hard-working web-development crew, we hope we’ve created a strong, navigable, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing online presence.

Some of the changes include:

iPhoneHeat Logo

Now you can see a logo for the blog. Previously it was just text. We also wish to change the Slogan or at least make it better. So, we ask you guys too if you’ve got any idea for Slogan?


Improved Navigation

Blog Navigation has undergone some serious changes including:

  • Some Important pages are now added to the top of the Home page.
  • If you go to any category, you will find a well arranged list of article posted under that category along with title image and summary of each post.



Share/Save The Post

Now you can easily share any post you like, using the services added at the end of each post under Share/Save This Post section.


Threaded (Nested) Comments

Now you can reply to any comment by hitting the Reply button under that comment and your comment will appear as a nested comment beneath the comment your replied to.


We hope you can more easily find what you’re looking for your iPhone. But as with any web project, there are, no doubt, tweaks and improvements to be made. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments regarding this change.

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