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iBluetooth for iPhone OS 3.x is in Development

MeDevil  has confirmed via his blog that he is still working on the new version of iBluetooth for iPhone OS 3.x.

Bluetooth is an iPhone app that let you transfer files using Bluetooth via iPhone. iBluetooth is available via iSpazio repository in Cydia.

I would say to all that I’m still working on iBluetooth version 2 (no, i didn’t run away with money) . As said before, version 2 will be compatible with FW 3.x and with iphone 2g, 3g, 3gs & ipod touch 2g. I had to stop development this summer because of personal problem. No date defined right now, will try to release it as soon as it’s usable. Thank you for your patience.

We will keep you posted as there comes any update from the developer for iBluetooth. You can follow us on Twitter as well.

Update 1:

iBlueNova is the new iBluetooth and supports iPhone OS 3.x.

Update 2:

How to: transfer files from iPhone via Bluetooth using iBlueNova

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