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iTunes 9 to Include iPhone App Organization and Blu-ray Support?

iTunes 9 is rumored to have built-in Blu-ray media and visual organization of iPhone and iPod touch applications, as per Boy Genius report. They received the tip from a “pretty reliable source” who also claims that some form of social networking/media integration is also included.

One of the new additions to iTunes is said to include Blu-ray support which lines up nicely with a recent Apple Insider report about Apple integrating Blu-ray into their new iMac line-up. Something else that will most likely make a bunch of people happy is that we’ve been told iTunes 9 will finally include the ability to visually organize and arrange your iPhone and iPod touch applications. Something that wasn’t so clearly described was some kind of Twitter/Facebook/ integration. Maybe broadcasting what song you’re playing to your friends?

While no timeframe for a launch of iTunes 9 was suggested by the source, Apple has in recent years held special media events to update its iPod line and iTunes each September, so it is reasonable to speculate that iTunes 9 could make an appearance within the next month or two.

via [MacRumors][BGR]

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Update: iTunes 9.2 is available for download now:

Update 2: iTunes 9.2.1 is now available for download:

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