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How the PurpleRa1n Jailbreak Works, GeoHot Explains

GeoHot has posted an entry at TheiPhoneWiki explaining how his jailbreak tool: PurpleRa1n jailbreaks iPhone 3GS.

Purplera1n is so simple, that it hides the complex work it’s doing from the user. Figured I’d describe it step by step

  • purplera1n sends the enter recovery commands using iTunesMobileDevice
  • once in recovery(iBoot), it sends the IBoot Environment Variable Overflow exploit
  • the exploit adds a “geohot” command to the phone which runs the payload
  • the “geohot” command is run, control is now transferred from iboot to the payload
  • the purplera1n client is done

Inside payload


  • the payload restores the default environment variable ring buffer and saves the environment to nvram(sets auto-boot to true)
  • it patches iBoot to load unsigned img3s and not care about the tags
  • it loads the purplera1n picture(sent with payload)
  • the nor patcher starts
  • llb is decrypted, patched, and increased in size to 0x24200. this is the resident 0x24000 Segment Overflow exploit
  • a little loader code is put @ 0x20000 in the LLB to load it and fix the stack
  • iboot is decrypted, patched
  • everything else is read as is
  • nor is written back, nor patcher is done
  • kernel is loaded, decrypted, and patched
  • ramdisk is loaded(sent with payload) and moved to ramdisk region at 0x44000000, patched kernel is tacked on to the end
  • patched kernel is booted
  • control is now transferred from payload to ramdisk

Inside ramdisk

  • launchd is run, all stuff happens here
  • /dev/disk0s1 is mounted
  • fstab and services are overwritten here to allow disk0s1 writes and afc2 respectively
  • is transferred and loader has SUID bit set
  • patched kernel is read from end of ramdisk block device and written to filesystem
  • ramdisk is done, rebooting…

Reboots as jailbroken phone

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