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Dev-Team vs GeoHot | Dev-Team Releases UltraSn0w 0.9 and Criticizes GeoHot’s PurpleSn0w RC2

This should not be happening. One thing is confirmed, Geeks have the most messed up ego ever. Yes, I’m talking about the on going war between the Great Dev-Team and first iPhone Unlock Crown holder: GeoHot.

Against GeoHot’s PurpleSn0w RC2 release, Dev-Team has updated their UltraSn0w to version 0.9 which uses MobileSubstrate for the implementation of the Daemon , making it even lighter and reducing the use of memory and battery.

Dev-Team not only updated  their UltraSn0w but also criticized GeoHot’s iPhone 3GS unlock: PurleSn0w.

First, this method is the same that was used by the old software as AnySIM on 1.x firmware since then have changed a lot of things, so it is not the best solution. Secondly, they point out that patching the CommCenter is not a sure bet. They also say that the method adopted by GeoHot  overwrites a block of memory to 1MB on 8 available. Really, what?!?! ( just work together, and make it harder better faster stronger for the users all over the world. Isnt this the reason that you started this game in the first place? )

Ultrasn0w instead uses only 152 bytes of RAM Baseband, that is 0.015% compared to purplesn0w and therefore is safer. With the new version 0.9 DevTeam the calls to abandon purplesn0w daemon and choose a lighter rather than a potential problem with the Baseband. On the other hand we find that GeoHot is proud of his new Hack.

In these cases it is difficult to write a “universal board” because each user has different needs, but …

No doubt GeoHot brings genuine Hacks for iPhone But I always trusted the Dev-Team who brings us long-term and stable solutions and releases iPhone hacks only when it’s safe. So, here’s the deal:

  • If you want the secure and long-term solutions then DevTeam’s UltraSn0w 0.9 is for you.
  • If you’re in “right now”, simplicity and the “lightness”, then go for GeoHot’s PurpleSn0w.
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