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BigBoss to Release BossPaper, a Wallpaper App for your iPhone

BigBoss has announced a wallpaper app for your iPhone named BossPaper.

There’s already a great app named Winterboard to handle wallpapers, but BigBoss says:

Performance running these themes sucks. There are a few ways the Javascript based images can be implemented and all of them have problems. If you load them all into memory, Springboard uses a signficant amount of memory. If you fade them, Springboard uses a lot of CPU. Javascript is very memory / CPU heavy. In addition, the Javascript runs behind all applications and while applications run. This impacts performance heavily and causes apps to lag even while you’re using them and not on SpringBoard. In addition, the script continues to run even while the iPhone is locked draining battery.

The application will let you control what wallpaper shows up on your SpringBoard without the heavy performance impact that is experienced with Winterboard.

BossPaper Features

  • You control which images are displayed. You can use camera roll, installed themes, or a combination of! With Winterboard, you could only install a theme and use what came with it. Now you can use images from many themes or other sources such as BossPaper packs.
  • You can use your own images from the camera!
  • BossPaper stops rotating images as soon as an app launches. This prevents battery and CPU drain.
  • BossPaper stops rotating images as soon as the iPhone is locked. This prevents battery drain.
  • BossPaper uses very little memory and CPU! It does not inject into apps only SpringBoard so you should not notice any application lag running it.
  • BossPaper can use one of many transitions such as fade, water drop, page curl – you configure which one(s) you want. Configure how long the transitions last.
  • BossPaper lets you control when to rotate images. You can rotate it on a timer you configure or you can rotate when an app closes, or both!
  • BossPaper lets you hide icon labels so those that do not want to install Winterboard can use it without.
  • BossPaper lets you dim the wallpaper.

Beta release of BossPaper is expected in next few days and it will be available in Cydia under BigBoss repository.




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