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White iPhone 3GS Overheats, Turns Brownish

There are a couple of issues that have shown up with the new iPhone 3GS but this one could be potentially serious.

As per an iPhone 3GS user; his shiny white iPhone 3GS  overheated while he was using GPS and 3G connection and this overheating resulted in ugly brownish discoloration.

Upon contact, Apple has asked the guy to return the phone for analysis.

Have a look by yourself:




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Umar Hafeez June 30, 2009, 8:08 am

This problem is also with my iphone 2g.when i charge it then it becomes overheatd in 45min.and extremely hot n overheat so i cancel the charging.
Also during using internet it becomes overheatd and battery consumption is greater.any solution.

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