How to Force Quit an Application in iPhone OS 3.0

How to Force Quit An Application in iPhone 3.0

In iPhone Firmware 1.x and 2.x, if any of your Application freezes, you can easily force quit it by holding down the Home Button for a few seconds. Force quit an application also helped in getting some free memory.  But is the latest and greatest iPhone OS 3.0, Holding down the Home button for few seconds activates the Voice Control.

So the question is how to force quit an application in iPhone OS 3.0? Actually the Force Quit an application feature is still there but requires some additional steps to perform.


How to Force Quit an Application in iPhone OS 3.0

To Force Quit an Application in iPhone OS 3.0:

  1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the slide to power off screen appears
  2. then press and hold the home button until the application quits (5~6 Secs)

All iPhone 3GS users will require to perfrom the above mentioned steps to force quit an app in iPhone OS 3.0. For iPhone 3G and origional iPhone, there’s no Voice Control so Force quit and Appliucation will remain to holding Home Button.

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