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How to Enable MMS on iPhone 2G OS 3.0

iPhone OS 3.0 comes with more than 100 new features which also includes MMS. But again Apple let the iPhone 2G users down by not featuring it in iPhone 2G OS 3.0. As always, Jailbreak community is enjoying MMS feature even on iPhone OS 3.0 from ages.

So, in this iPhone Guide you will learn how to enable MMS on iPhone 2G OS 3.0. To enable MMS on iPhone 2G, you need to jailbreak iPhone 2G first. You can Jailbreak iPhone 2G using the following guides:


You need to be on iPhone OS 3.0 and you iPhone 2G must be Jailbroken. This guide will help in enabling MMS feature only. It means you need to input correct Carrier MMS settings in order to get MMS working.

How to enable MMS on iPhone 2G OS 3.0

Open the Cydia from you SpringBoard.


Go to the Search tab at the bottom right of the screen.


Search for: activatemms2g and Tap to select ActivateMMS2G from the search results.


Hit Install button at top-right of the screen


Hit Confirm button at top-right of the screen.


When the installation is completed successfully, press the big Reboot Device button


Now input your Carrier setting go to:

Settings >> General >> Network >> Cellular Data Network Settings

and turn Off the device again and then Turn it back ON.

After reboot, Go to:

Settings >> Messages

and turn MMS Messaging ON


Notice your iPhone 2G have got MMS capabilities now. (if not, Reboot your Device again). Open Messages, there you will find a tiny camera icon left to message input box.



You may be charged for each MMS so you better talk to you service provider to know the exact charges.

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