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WinterBoard Settings | A Utility for iPhone

winterboard-iconWinterBoard Settings, an iPhone utility, adds Winterboard Link under Settings Menu. It means by installing this utility you can access Winterboard from iPhone Settings and perform your desired Winterboard actions from there.

This WinterBoard Settings utility is created by David Ashman. After installing this WinterBoard Settings you can find it under Settings of your iPhone SpringBoard. There you can find an ON/OFF switch that let you turn WinterBoard ON and OFF.



WinterBoard Setting also adds a WinterBoard only button. By turning “Winterboard only” switch ON, it applies Winterboard themes and other fonts settings to your iPhone SpringBoard only resulting improvements in memory usage and other applications performance.



You can install this utility into your iPhone by adding the following Repository to your Cydia Installer:

In case you don’t know how to add repository/source to Cydia then go to:

Learn how to add Cydia Sources.

and to have Cydia you need to Jailbreak you iPhone and here at we also have some nice and easy to follow guides:

We also have a nice walk through for the sweet WinterBoard:

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