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SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone now in AppStore

After two months of submission for approval, SlingPlayer Mobile is finally available for iPhone on the AppStore.


SlingPlayer Mobile let you watch and control your DVR and home TV from your iPhone and iPod touch. This is achieved by using one of SlingMedia’s media devices. Due to concerns about network congestion, video can only be streamed over Wi-Fi connections and does not support 3G or EDGE.

Here’s AT&T statement on why SlingPlayer for iPhone would work only on Wi-Fi:

Slingbox, which would use large amounts of wireless network capacity, could create congestion and potentially prevent other customers from using the network. The application does not run on our 3G wireless network. Applications like this, which redirect a TV signal to a personal computer, are specifically prohibited under our terms of service. We consider smartphones like the iPhone to be personal computers in that they have the same hardware and software attributes as PCs.

That said, we don’t restrict users from going to a Web site that lets them view videos. But what our terms and conditions prohibit is the transferring, or slinging, of a TV signal to their personal computer or smartphone.

The Slingbox application for the iPhone runs on WiFi. That’s good news for AT&T’s iPhone 3G customers, who get free WiFi access at our 20,000 owned and operated hot spots in the U.S., including Starbucks, McDonalds, Barnes & Noble, hotels, and airports. AT&T is the industry leader in WiFi.

Device Requirements:

  • SlingPlayer Mobile supports both iPhone & iPod touch
  • Requires the 2.2.1 software update
  • 5 MB free memory is required on the iPhone or iPod touch to install the SlingPlayer Mobile
  • Network download speed of 120Kbps (or higher)
  • Streaming is restricted to Wi-Fi only at Apple’s request

SlingPlayer Mobile costs $29.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes:
Download SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone

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