Voice Memos | How to Create Voice Memos in iPhone OS 3.0

How to Create Voice Memos in iPhone OS 3.0

This basic iPhone tutorial demonstrates how to use the Voice Memo application in iPhone OS 3.0. For now iPhone OS 3.0 is only available to Developers and will be available to general public in June 2009. Lets learn how to create Voice Memos in iPhone OS 3.0, modify and manage them.

Here we go:

How to Create Voice Memos in iPhone OS 3.0

Step 1


Step 2

When Voice Memos is opened, you will see a VU meter and microphone.
On the Bottom Right you will find a list button and on the Left bottom there’s a Recording Button.

  • To record a new voice memo press the Record button.
  • Then a status bar appears at the top displaying elapsed time.



  • You can pause and then resume the recording by pressing Pause button at the Bottom-Left of the screen.
  • Once you are done recording your voice memo press the Stop button at the bottom right of the screen.


Step 4

  • You can view your previously recorded memos by Pressing the List button at the bottom Right of the screen.
  • It will list your previously recorded memos by the time recorded. You can also see the date and duration of the Memos.


Step 5

  • Tap any memo for playback. The Speaker button at the top left let you listen memos over the loud speakers.
  • You can also Delete and share the selected Memo by using Delete and Share Buttons at the bottom.


How to Share Voice Memo with Friends

Step 6

  • To share a memo with a friend press the Share button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the large Email Voice Memo button to open a new Mail message with the memo attached as a m4a audio file.


How to Delete Voice Memos

Step 7

  • From the Voice Memo list you can also delete a selected voice memo by using the Delete button at the bottom.
  • Then Press the large Delete Voice Memo button to confirm the deletion.


Step 8

  • You can press the Blue Circular Arrow button to view more information about the memo.
  • From the Info window you can Label, Trim and Share the memo.


How to Label a Voice Memo

Step 9

  • Press the large White button at the top which contains the time and duration of the recording.
  • This will open the Label screen where you can select a previously defined label or create your own. Press custom to give the memo your own label.


  • After entering the namefor your memo press the Label button at the top left.
  • Then press the Info button at the top left to return to the memo details screen.


How to Trim Voice Memos

Step 10

  • To trim the recording click the Trim Memo button.
  • You will see a blue progress bar with a yellow handle on the left and on the right. Drag the handles to set the start and end of the clip.


Step 11

  • Press the Play button to check if it seems ok.
  • Then press the large Trim Voice Memo to finalize your cut.


Step 12

  • You can also use the Share button to send the memo just as we demonstrated in Step Six.


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Anthony June 10, 2009, 3:04 am

Can the voice memos be used as ring tones?

Tim March 5, 2010, 8:14 pm

I love how they’re called voice memos but you can’t trigger them in calendar. To my mind a memo is something that reminds you. This isn’t a memo.

The closest that you can get to this is something called VoCal which WILL play a voice remember back to you but only after it’s pushed it off the server (IF you have reception) and you’ve taken the phone out of your pocket, unlocked it and hit ‘accept’ by which time you might just as well have read it.

The amount of times I’ve been cycling along and my phone has gone ‘binglybing’ (or whatever) and I’ve forgotten all about it and so don’t check my messages when I finish cycling. I thought with ‘Memo’ I could do what I’ve wanted to do since I got my first ever pocket organiser (an ASUS pocket PC sans any phone capabilities). Ah well.

Apple won’t help me, apps can’t help me (hampered as they are by programming restrictions – I know enough to know that it’s APPLE’S RESTRICTIONS that means they can’t store the memos locally or access apple’s own memos and APPLE’S RESTRICTIONS that mean they can’t run a file without putting a prompt first necessitating an unlocking of the phone before that, and as the prompts don’t stay there long also an opening of the app) and jailbreaking can’t help me because no JB developers have thought of this yet and I don’t have the skills to code it myself (although I’m thinking of using a workaround by finding the relevant folders and moving/renaming the files to ringtones which I can then launch through alarms – it’s crude but I can handle a small shell script).

jacqueline Kelley May 23, 2012, 10:41 am

I recorded on mu voice memo and it shows that it was recorded at 7m9s but when I press to play it, it will not play. why?

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