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Good Bye iPhone 16GB | ‘End of Life’

After a brief mistaken display of iPhone 32GB by T-Mobile Autria, here comes another news adding fuel to new iPhone fire: Vodafone has sent an email to its retail staff stating that the iPhone 16GB reaches ‘End of Life’, as per MacTalk report.

Why is this interesting to us? Well it just adds further fuel to the fire that there will be a new iPhone very, very soon. What mixes us up is the fact the 8GB isn’t EOL, but the 16GB is. Perhaps a 32GB and 8GB model will be around, the 8GB being the value option for the price conscious set.


We bet iPhone 16GB is going to be replaced with New iPhone 16GB and we will also be introduced with a high end iPhone 32GB version. What about 8GB then? May be a low end option or a history? Let us know your opinion on this.

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