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Updated Skype 1.0.2 says NO to Jailbreak iPhone

As discussed in iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 improvements article that in this new iPhone OS 3.0 beta 3, Apple has Locked Skype out of 3G calling. Now, iClarified has been reported by one of its visitors about a warning that he received on updating his Skype for iPhone to 1.0.2 saying:

“This version of Skype is only supported on unmodified iPhone OS 2.2”. have a look at the screenshot at the bottom.

What does that mean? It means: Skype says NO to Jailbreak iPhones. Why Skype did so?

It’s simple. When you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can do tricky stuff to use Skype over 3G and that’s what AT&T don’t want. Infact AT&T hates VoIP. and down side is that Apple is also favoring AT&T by blocking Skype over 3G via Beta update.


via iClarified

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