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How to Install Cracked Apps / Games(.ipa) on your iPhone / iPod | Step-by-Step Guide

*Update 1

iPhone OS 3.0 users please navigate to: iPhone OS 3.0 Tips and checkout the Tip#10

Update 2

Here’s the latest and easiest guide to Install cracked apps on any iPhone running OS 3.1.3, 3.0, 3.0.1, 3.1, 3.1.2 (NO WIFI or SSH):

How to Install Cracked Apps/Games on iPhone *Without WIFI*

Update 3

How to Install Cracked Apps on iPhone OS 3.1.3

Hello, all you iPhone lovers, today I’m going to show you how to install Apps on your iPhone or iPod. I’ve seen a lot of conflicting ways of being able to install cracked games or apps on your iPhone!

This should be the easiest way out there on the internet to be able to do so (no WiFi or SSH here). Just all you need is the tools I’m going to post below and your basic USB cable !

This information works on both iPhone and iPod with the latest firmware 2.2.1. You can do all these steps with a lower firmware, just make sure to find the Mobile installation patch for that version first!

Please follow the simple steps , I’ll try to keep it as easy as possible. So even the basic person that has never installed a game on there  iPhone/iPod will be able to understand it!

Lets Start!

First thing, your iPhone/iPod must be Jailbroken, if not please click on the link below to Jailbreak/Unlock your iPhone.

To add apps to your iPhone, following stuff is required:

IMPORTANT: We do NOT recommend this guide as there are latest guides linked at the top under Update 1,2,3… Please follow the latest guides to avoid any error.

after downloading the above two files, extract MobileInstallation into a folder and put DiskAid setup in the same folder. So, you have got 2 files to start with:


How to install IPA on iPhone

Step 1

Plug in your iPhone via Usb and Install DiskAid and open it.

Step 2

Using DiskAid, Click at the bottom drop down panel Root Left side. It will give u some kind of Warning: ‘Changing system files or whatever will mess up your iPhone if u don’t know what you are doing‘. Do u agree? , ya sure done it thousands of time.



Step 3

Now locate


and delete this file “”  that’s if you want to see your apps inside of Cydia, if not you can by pass this step!


Step 4

You will be using DiskAid though the rest of these steps, Now go to


folder and Create Folder button at the top, name it Documents Make sure to spell “Documents” correctly, with a capital “D”.


Step 5

Now go to the root level and open the


folder (will be at very top the Root level Dir). Inside the Applications Folder, do the same again Create Folder button and same thing, “Documents“.


Step 6

Go back to the Root again , and Locate


Right click on the file  “MobileInstallation”  rename to “MobileInstallation.bak”.


Step 7

Then click “Copy File to Device” inside the same folder


and locate the MobileInstallation Patch 2.2.1 that you should have downloaded early! Place that file in the folder!



Step 8

Click the Root level “/” to reload/refresh all the new things you have done and then close DiskAid, Restart your iPhone right Away!
Go find some cracked Apps/games(.ipa) for iPhone by yourself and just double click and Enjoy! (of course u must sync with iTunes but i would hope that is a no brainer!)

Don’t ask me for appz or games i do not support such things, unless its for myself ! 🙂

Solutions to Errors (if any)

Very Rare cases but does happen!
A Few Errors I myself came across , some are not nice at all!

  • The application “App/game name” cannot be opened
    I would suggest at first, try to restart your iPhone and change USB Ports if that doesn’t work , Restore your iPhone from start via iTunes and redo all those lovely Quickpwn things again and than follow the instructions again ! and please try more than one cracked app/game just because one didn’t open doesn’t mean the next wont! Happened with me! 🙂
    Still doesn’t work, here is the not nice one! Find another PC with another iTunes installed. ( Uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes will not help this issue, unless you manual delete all of the iTunes data on your hard drive)
  • Error can not Sync App/game with iTunes
    okay you did something wrong retract your steps 1-8!
  • Error 0xE800001
    Change USB port and reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch. If this doesn’t work try going into: Control panel->System->Device Manager->Universal Series Bus Controller->Right click Apple Mobile Device USB Driver and update driver.
  • Error 0xE800013
    You get this error when you already have the app/game. Simply delete the .app folder that you have sync too!

That should be most of the Errors anything else please inform us and I or one of these great guys working on these forums will get back with you!

(Post by: TkM)

Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 3.1.3:

Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 3.1.2:

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